Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Dojo, Victoria BC Canada

disadvantage as advantage

Taijutsu is always asking you to lose. In class, you are always asked to be less something. If you are strong, less strength. If you are graceful, less grace. Whatever natural gifts you have been relying upon are also impeding your progress.

Simultaneously, those gifts are part of what will comprise your efficacy as a practitioner. There is no escaping that your gifts will shape the expression of your knowledge, and when it is time to actively apply them your gifts will be your advantages.

Training asks you to not to rely on your gifts, but to understand the self within the divine. Natural talents are the foreground; everything else is background. Embody the whole.

Don’t allow your gifts to be the only advantages that you have. Work to other talents, or you will never understand your opponents’.

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