Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Dojo, Victoria BC Canada

6. Retract

Retract, as in re-organize, re-align, respond. Retract, as in get your body moving on the new line of force and interacting with the kukan created from your previous action. Retract your strikes, your kicks, your tai ken, your shoves. Retract …

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5. Patience

You know both more and less than you think you do. Your body knows more than your brain realizes, and whatever volume of knowledge you now think you understand will be engulfed by your next epiphany.

4. Move it Or Lose it

Move it or lose it is a useful adage for long-term martial artists. We must practice the basics of the art, and we must practice dynamic movement. Dynamic movement for our purposes means series of tactical movements, like kata, that …

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The Myth of Nice

The Myth of Nice is the idea that we must behave politely no matter how uncomfortable we feel. The result of this myth is that in social situations people tolerate being made to feel uncomfortable because they want to seem …

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2. It’s Not about the Hands

It’s not about the hands. Or even the arms. Striking is about the application of force, and striking tactically is about striking with the intent to cause specific effect. Shoving is also a kind of strike, and you don’t need …

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1. Self-Reliance

Self-reliance requires accountability. We must be accountable to ourselves before we can be accountable to others. When I first entered a dojo, my motivation could be summed as: “Never again be raped. Never again be beaten. Never again be treated …

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