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kukan is where struggle is not


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Ignorance and Knowledge

Admitting ignorance is actually the second action toward knowledge. The first action toward knowledge is whatever revealed the ignorance. The third action is pivotal, as knowledge of ignorance is not substantial enough to merit resting the quest.

Adjusting the Volume

How threatening you find a situation to be is not entirely dependent upon the assailant. No matter how aggressive an assailant becomes, your interpretation of that situation is what determines how threatened you feel. Are you ill? Injured? Tired? Do …

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Technique vs. Techniques

You need to have technique, not use techniques. For any sub-set of martial theory there is a group of techniques that can be used to elucidate that theory; the techniques, however, are not the theory, nor are they representative of …

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The intersection of gender and training is both complex and simple: Simple: taijutsu is about bodies, not genders. The principles of physics are for, and apply to, everyone – to every person, to every body, with no exceptions. Complex: gender …

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How to physically defeat a bigger and/or stronger opponent: physics. If it turns into a fight, you’re doing it wrong. The teachers I first began my budo studies under did not teach me about how to defeat bigger and stronger …

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Keep Calm and Use Logic

‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ Influencing the ways in which people think influences the ways people wield and interpret the sword. When language and ideas are used to exert power, the result is thinking. Thinking leads to rooted …

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Certainty and Uncertainty

Thinking that you already know something sets the mind one way to the exclusion of subtle changes. Possess certainty even in uncertainty and uncertainty even in certainty, with the acceptance that what we feel we know is bound to change …

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Listen Up

If you are ever told by your training partners that you are moving too fast or too hard for their comfort, stop and listen and correct your behaviour.  It does not matter if your training partner is the softest noodle …

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