Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Dojo, Victoria BC Canada

Class times:

Sundays 1-3pm, Mondays, & Thursdays 7-9pm.

Classes are held outside, year-round. Students are encouraged to wear weather-appropriate clothing and footwear to class and to bring their obi and a hanbo or bokken.

*Classes are cancelled on holidays and during severe weather.

What to wear:
Please bring weather-appropriate clothing and footwear that is comfortable to move around in. Pants should be comfortable and flexible such as track pants. Avoid clothing with extraneous buckles and zippers as these may be a training hazard.

The training uniform of the Hakkei Dojo is a black martial arts gi (also known as keikogi or dogi). Each student is expected to own a full gi (pants, top, obi) however this is not necessary until after your first few classes. The gi is not provided by the dojo but our links page does include martial arts suppliers where you will be able to purchase one.

During water training or the rainy season, students are encouraged to bring a dry change of socks and shirt and footwear for the journey home, but the need for this change of clothing is entirely at the student’s discretion.

What to bring:
First and foremost, bring an open mind and a good heart.
Students are encouraged to wear weather-appropriate clothing and to bring hanbo or bokken, their obi and gi jacket with them to class.

Bring water, and a snack if you are so inclined. Each class has a water break.
Bring your I.D. and medical information; you may never need it but if you do you’ll be glad you had it.

Each individual is also required to inform the instructor of any injury or illness that may affect training.